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About Us
"My goal is to make every customer feel like they are my only customer"
Richard Popolizio - President of All Around Services, Inc. 

Customer Satisfaction

Because I rely so heavily on 'word of mouth' recommendations, I do my absolute best to accomodate each and every customer.  Whether your job is a new construction, where I will be installing flooring in your whole house, or giving your existing floors a little buff and shine, I promise that the job will be handled professionally.  Being owner operated I can offer you personal attention and suggestions specifically tailored to your situation.  I am the third generation in my family to own and operate a wood flooring company.  I personally have been working on floors for over 20 years and All Around Services, Inc. has been in business since 2001.  Read the testimonials, call us for references, feel assured that I will not leave your job unless you are happy with my work. 

Done right from start to finish

When I arrive at your home I come prepared with materials to help you decide what job is right for you.  Maybe you would like to stain your floors a different color, install a border or medallion, have a high gloss shine or a matte satin finish, either way, I will come with samples of different wood species, stain colors and finishes guaranteed to satisfy the most particular customer. 

My prices reflect the quality of the work I do.  I can work with any budget.  Show me written estimates from other companies and I will do my best to match or even beat them providing they offer the same quality workmanship as I and use the same quality materials that I do.

The machines that I use to sand and buff your floor are dustless, but regardless of the machine used, there truly is no such thing as a 100% 'dustless' machine, so to better minimize the amount of dust that will settle on the surfaces of your house,  I recommend using old sheets that you can spray damp with water that will help collect any dust particles in the air resulting from my work.  If you place these over the doorways that I will not be working in, it will help minimize the mess.  When I start your job I also place drop cloths in any areas that will not be worked on to help you with the process of keeping your house in as much order as possible during the time I will be there.

After completion, I recommend not dragging any furniture on the floors.  Try your best to lift all furniture and place it where it will stay.  Tables and chairs that are moved frequently should have felt tips on the bottom so that they don't scratch the finish on the floor.  If by any chance you scratch the floor while moving your furniture back, please don't hesitate to call me.  I may not be able to get there immediately due to other scheduled jobs, but I will come back at my earliest convenience.

I believe that after my work is done, you will be 100% satisfied.


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